The world can seem an awful place sometimes, and to relieve the stress of having to live in it, it can be awful fun to plot ways to destroy it like through Plague Inc nano virus.

At heart, that's what makes Plague, Inc. such a great game, and what makes Plague Inc. nano virus, specifically, such a great version of the game to beat.

Here, you get to really get your mad scientist on and create little nano creatures that will destroy us all. If your neighbor won't stop playing music at all hours, traffic seems to take forever, and your boss never gives you credit for your ideas, why not use this guide to find out how to eliminate them all with your dastardly microscopic inventions!

What is plague inc nano virus?

Plague, Inc. is a game created by Ndemic Games that is designed to be played on your phone or one your PC. It has a rather surprising focus, at least the first time you hear it. In this game, you don't try to play the hero and save the world, you play the plague trying to destroy it.

There are all kinds of pathogens and organisms to choose from in this game, but the Plague, Inc. nano virus is one of the most interesting. Here, you aren't working from some organic pathogen that manages to evolve and start infecting people, you are a lab-creating piece of nano technology.

This really gets you to the heart of the mad scientist element that makes the game so much fun. As with all other plagues, you'll have to evolve and spread your nano virus around the globe, all while making sure humanity doesn't find a way to stop you first.

How to beat the plague inc nano virus

At this point, you're probably sold on scrapping the human project through a bit of our own technology. The irony is wonderful, after all.

However, that doesn't mean the game is a cakewalk. Far from it, in fact. Plague, Inc. nano virus is actually one of the harder options the game offers. The unique technology side of things can really work against you in this game if you aren't careful.

So, make sure you take the right steps to make your nano virus a success. How do you do that? Just follow the steps we lay out here.

1. Unlock the Nano Virus

Let's start at the beginning here. Before you can even play as a Plague, Inc. nano virus, you have to unlock the nano virus option.

That can be achieved in two ways. The quick and easy way is to just pay for it. For a small fee, you can get any of the plagues you want, including nano virus.

The tougher and longer (and far more fun) way is to unlock nano virus through your game play. To do that, you have to beat the game multiple times, first as a bacteria, then as a virus, then as a fungus, then as parasite, and then a prion. All of those need to be beaten on normal or higher mode.

As we said, that is the longer version, a lot a longer. Whether you want to put the time into that journey or you just want your nano virus plague now, it's all up to you.

2. Race against the Research

Now that you've got the Plague, Inc. nano virus option unlocked, it's time to do some strategic thinking. Even before you go beyond selecting this plague, there's something you need to know about it.

And that is the biggest challenge your nano virus faces: human innovation. Sure, every plague has to deal with humanity doing research and trying to find a cure before it's wiped out. However, unlike other plagues in this game, you'll be racing against human research for a "kill switch" to your nano from the very moment you start

This gets into the sci-fi element of this game. Since the nano virus is an obvious mad scientist creation. Once it's invented, people know about it. That means you're on the clock right away. And you'll need to plan accordingly.

3. Get the Genes Right

So, since your plague is up against it from the very moment it's invented, you have to spend more time getting it right from the very start.

That begins with you getting the genetic stuff right in the creation phase. So, start by giving your nano virus Metabolic Jump, Aquacyte (so you waste less time trying to get to those far away countries over the seas), Genetic Mimic (which makes your nano virus harder to cure), and Extremophile.

This combination gives you strong defense and offense features that also buy you a bit more time and make sure you use that time properly.

4. Start Warm, Populated, and Well-Traveled

The name of the game here is spread fast and destroy people quickly. Some plagues are a slow marathon where you wear down humanity bit by bit. The Plague, Inc. nano virus is much more of a sprint.

So, to get yourself up and running, go with a country that's warm, has a lot of people, and gets a lot of travel to and from. That's the recipe for a quick spread to a lot of places.

Consider countries like Brazil and India for your first stop, since they really fit the bill here and they have access to huge amounts of countries, plus lots of travel by sea and plane.

5. Maximize Your Nano Advantages

The strategic downsides to playing as the Plague, Inc. nano virus are pretty well covered at this point, but the game offers you a lot of compensation in return for making it tougher on you from the outset.

That includes a lot more ease in spreading, cheaper symptoms (which you should really take advantage of), and a lot more climate resistance than other plagues have.

Built your strategy around these features, and then add a nice layer of unique nano abilities to it. Those include Code Fragment Interception, which allows you to hack the broadcasts attempting to find a cure. This slows down all the human efforts to defeat you.

Get that early, and also get Radical Elements Stabilized, which isolates the kill switch and buys you more time.

6. Use Plague Inc Tips

Obviously, this game isn't easy. If it were easy to invent a nano virus and destroy humanity, some misanthrope would have done it already.

Instead, the game gets tough, and it gets tough on a real sudden and unexpected timescale. While you can plan for a lot of what can go wrong and go right, that doesn't always mean you're prepared for everything.

Sometimes, what you need is a little extra help on the overall strategy to this game. In that case, it's always best to pause, take a breath, and then read through some Plague, Inc. tips.

These tips can guide you through the overall pitfalls to your strategy and help you find your way out of the mess your plague has gotten you into. So, when humanity puts up a tougher fight than anticipated, fight back with tips that will overwhelm any of their plans.

7. Use Plague Inc Cheats

There are times when strategy just won't cut it. In particular, when you have a quick game like Plague, Inc. nano virus, it can all go wrong so quickly. And when it starts going wrong, it can get out of hand before you can respond.

Once humanity is close to the kill switch, you're going to be really up against the ropes. The only way to respond at that point is to change the game with Plague, Inc. cheats. These cheats get you the upper-hand by letting you really hack the system.

A nano virus inventing mad scientist like you can certainly appreciate that ability.

More Awesome Plague Inc Guide

Not everyone is so keen to clear the planet of all human life, at least, not using nano viruses. So, if you are really eager to destroy humanity, but want a different kind of plague challenge, try one of these Plague, Inc. versions:

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  2. Sick of people leeching off of you? Let Plague Inc. parasite return the favor to them, and everyone else.
  3. Give the world a headache with the Plague, Inc. prion, which borrows into everyone's brain!
  4. Make the mindless zombie apocalypse official with Plague, Inc necroa virus, where everyone isn't just metaphorically braindead. They're really braindead! No one ever listens to you. Time to make them do what you say no matter what with the brain controlling Plague Inc. neurax worm.
  5. Sink your teeth into Plague, Inc. shadow plague and find out what a real vampire outbreak would look like.
  6. Go with the OG plague and beat the original game on its toughest level: Plague Inc. bacteria mega brutal.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of ways to enjoy indulging your darkest impulses towards your fellow human citizens. You can watch apocalyptic movies, read a book end of the world book, or just imagine climate change eliminating all of us without any particular help.

But, if you're looking for the best way to play an active role in humanity's destruction, nothing beats playing Plague, Inc. nano virus. Like all the other Plague, Inc. plagues available, this game is a challenge, but it's also a great ride from now to doomsday.

So, challenge yourself with the major project of ending humanity's reign on the planet. Whether it's a bad day at work or a tough week with the family, you'll get that misanthropic aggression out by using the steps above to guide you to a quieter, simpler world without the rest of us.