Are you considering having a pool party and need a great set of swimming pool games

As a gamer, I tried and tested many outdoor party and water games. I love games so much that I have been featured on sites like Outwit Trade - so you can count on me with anything concerning games. Here, I've made a list of the best swimming pool games you can enjoy with family and friends.

So let's dive right in!


Ultimate List Of Swimming Pool Games

We all like to hang out by the pool any time of the year. Pool parties are so fun that people of all ages love them! So for that, we have compiled the ultimate list of swimming pool games you can do for your next pool party.

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5 Best Things To Do In A Swimming Pool Everyone Will Surely Enjoy

Feeling the summer heat? Dive into the pool and have a good time! You've got the backyard pool, and we've got the list of family bonding activities you can do to enjoy the party.

1. Toss N' Splash

If you ask me, this is a fun and chill water game, good for all ages. You need a toss n' splash floating game set with ten balls. Each of the nine pockets has a point value. Each player takes a turn and whoever scores the most points wins the game!

2. Pool Volleyball

It's like your normal volleyball game! The only difference: it's done in a pool, and the ball must not touch the water. First, install a sturdy volleyball net across the center of the pool. One player serves, and then the players rotate so that each one can serve. The team scores when the other team does not catch the ball, hits the ball twice, or the opposing team touches the net while the ball is in play.

3. Fishy In The Middle

This pool game requires three players. Two players stand on the opposite side, and the 'fishy' stands in the middle. The two players will pass the ball back and forth and must not let the fishy catch it. Once the fishy catches the ball, the person who threw it before it's caught will be the next fishy.

4. Cannonball Contest

For this fun swimming pool game, there has to be a set of judges who will give a score of one to ten to each player. For the second set, the players will give score. The bigger the splash, the higher the score. So aim for that biggest splash!

5. Shark And Minnows

This fun pool game is like a game of tag! There is one Mr. Shark, and the other players are the minnows. The shark stands at the end or middle of the pool and will yell "minnows in." It signals the minnows to jump into the pool and do their best to cross it to the other side. The minnow that gets tagged by the shark will be the next shark.

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5 Birthday Party Swimming Pool Activities For Kids And Adult

Birthdays happen only once a year, so we have to make the most of them. The food, venue, loved ones, and birthday party games complete the recipe for a successful birthday party! Check out these fun activities for adults, and have a blast!

6. Pearl diving

The pool toy set usually comes with six pearls: five whites, and one blue or black. From the game's name, the players dive into the pool, and whoever gets the blue or black pearl wins this fun game.

7. Swim Thru Rings

This is a fun pool game for kids and adults! Players dive and swim through the pool rings set up underwater. So hold your breath, dive, and swim through those rings!

8. Squirt Gun Races

This pool game comes in many variations! One type is by using plastic cups. Measure a kite string from the start point to the endpoint and poke it through the bottom of the plastic cup. The players will have their own plastic cup and squirting gun. The cup's opening faces the players at the start point, and then they will try to move the cups by firing their guns! The water will propel the cups to the endpoint, and the player whose cup reaches the endpoint first wins the game.

9. Keep the Cotton Ball Dry

Each player will have their own dry cotton ball. They must reach the other end of the pool while keeping the cotton ball dry. The exciting part is that other players will try to splash you and make it wet. So make sure that you have a good strategy to win this game!

10. Relay Races

You can use your imagination for this game, as it has a lot of possible variations! The players, divided into two teams, must line up with spoons in their mouths. You can use a ping pong ball and pass it to the next player using only the spoon. Another idea would be to use a water ball! Try to get the ball to the other side of the pool without touching it. The first team whose balloon reaches the end wins the game!

5 Minute To Win It Type of Games For A Memorable Swimming Time

Sometimes, we want a little bit more of a challenge. One good example is the minute to win it game style. It puts you under pressure and keeps the player and the audience on their toes!

11. Treasure Hunt

The players dive in and search through the scattered coins underwater. Imagine that you are a pirate looking for that lost treasure! But what makes it exciting is that you only have sixty seconds to collect as much treasure as possible. So, be quick!

12. Balloon Boat Race

Players have their own balloon boat at the edge of the pool. On 'go,' the players will release the balloon, and the air will propel the boat towards the other end of the pool. The player whose boat reachs the farthest wins the game!

13. Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in the pool. You can use hula hoops that players need to swim through, then add some water toys or cones to swim around. Then put a floating basketball hoop, and players need to shoot before they can dive for the treasure. Either way, there are so many ways to make this more challenging!

14. Ping Pong Scramble

Gather a set of ping pong balls and mark them with a specific color for each team. Then, scatter the balls over the pool. On 'go,' the players dive in and get the ping pong balls with the color assigned to their team. Whoever gets the most number of balls within 60 seconds wins the game!

15. Pool Tic Tac Toe

Set up a tic tac toe board by tying nine hula hoops together. The players take turns tossing the beach ball aiming to shoot it inside the hula hoop. The first player who manages to get a row of three wins the game!

3 Classic Yet Fun Games To Play In a Pool During Your Summer Outing

Some classics never get old, and I agree with that! We have come up with a list of classic yet fun games to play in your next summer outing. Make sure to bring your best buddies and enjoy the pool party together with these games!

16. Air Ninja

Stand on the edge of the pool, and then, as they say, 'one-two-three,' leap into the pool while doing your ninja pose. Make sure the cameras are ready, and be as silly as you can with your ninja pose!

17. Sling Shot

You can use a water balloon for this game and a slingshot. This is a fun game everyone can enjoy, as you can shoot the other players with your water balloon! Another idea would be to see who among you is a skilled sniper by placing a target for them to shoot at.

18. Submarine Races

Pretend you are a submarine; you must hold your breath for as long as possible and submerge yourself. The person who held their breath the longest wins the game!

3 Swimming Pool Theme Games Guaranteed To Make A Splash During Family Reunions

The best people to spend the summer are with your loved ones. Organize a family reunion and surprise them with these very fun family outdoor activities you can all enjoy together!

19. Search For The Bottle

Grab a transparent bottle and remove the label. Have the players turn their back, so they don't see the location of the bottle. Fill the bottle with water and submerge it underwater. On 'go,' players dive in and search for the bottle. Whoever gets it first wins the game!

20. Belly Flop Contest

The person who makes the biggest and loudest belly flop wins the contest! You must dive forward with legs and arms stretched out, which might hurt. Make sure to practice water safety for this game!

21. Tug Of War

For this water game, you will need a rope and a kiddie pool full of water. Place the kiddie pool at the center of two teams. Each team has to have an equal number of players. Pull the rope as hard as possible and ensure your team does not get dragged into the kiddie pool. The team that gets dragged into the pool loses the game!

Downloadable and Printable List of Swimming Pool Games

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of swimming pool games (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

Fun And Interesting Facts About Swimming

Now let's take a break and enrich our knowledge with these trivia questions found in Mantelligence. Learning isn't only found in school. It could be anywhere, like during a pool party!

Over four billion people in the world can't swim.

Even though the earth is 70 percent water, over four billion people still cannot swim. Knowing how to swim is a great life skill to learn! You can save yourself and others from drowning, and there are a lot of fun water activities to enjoy. So overcome your fear of water, take some swimming lessons, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Swimming burns about 30% more calories than running per hour.

That is right; swimming burns more calories than running because it is a full-body workout. This is a great option if you do not want to run outdoors; the pool will also keep you cool and fresh!

The longest distance swam in the open sea is over 200 kilometers.

Veljko Rogošić holds the Guinness World's record for the longest distance ever swam in open water. He swam 225 kilometers across the Adriatic sea, which took him 50 hours and 10 minutes! That's an amazing feat that seems almost superhuman.

Swimmers sweat underwater.

Swimming is a high-intensity workout that causes the body temperature to rise. Our body's mechanism to cool down is by sweating; that is why swimmers sweat underwater.

The good thing is, you can't tell that they're sweating because the water washes it off.

What Makes Swimming Activities and Games The Best Time To Enjoy With Family and Friends

Humans are social creatures, and we enjoy spending time with family and friends. Part of the things that we can enjoy with them is swimming activities and games.

Imagine everybody frolicking in the pool, food and drinks on the table, and fun company; what more can you ask for?

1. Swimming activities and games are fun for all ages.

No matter what your age is, everybody enjoys the pool! From little kids to grandparents, you can see that the pool brings smiles to their faces.

2. Swimming activities have physical and mental benefits.

Swimming and getting into the water calms the mind and body. It also provides a physical workout for your body. Not only are you enjoying yourself, but it's also good for your health!

3. Water games are super fun.

There are many games to choose from, so you'll never run out! These water games require players and teams and the best to do during a get-together. You can also do these games during the daytime or nighttime. So channel that inner athlete in you and have a blast with these swimming activities!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am sure there are questions out there that need some answers. Don't worry, we got you covered! Let me answer your questions so you can enjoy these amazing swimming pool games!

How can I help my children overcome their fear of water?

Understandably, kids have a fear of water. The first thing to help them overcome their fear of water is to paint a good impression on them. Start with a kiddie pool, give them pool toys, and let them enjoy the water. Gradually, you can increase the depth of the water and teach them basic swimming so they can feel safe.

What are the benefits of playing water games?

Playing water games enhances your gross and fine motor skills. Paddling, splashing, threading, and diving also exercises the whole body. Aside from that, playing water games reduces stress and lets you enjoy the company of others. Overall, it is good for physical and mental health.

Do you really have to wait an hour after eating before swimming?

No, you do not need to wait an hour before going swimming. This is a myth, and swimming immediately after eating isn't dangerous. There is no scientific basis for drowning if you do not wait thirty minutes to an hour before swimming.

Who is the most famous swimmer?

Michael Phelps is the most famous swimmer! He has won 22 medals, the World Swimmer of the Year Award seven times, and the American Swimmer of the Year Award nine times. He is a record breaker and one of the most influential swimmers of all time.

More Awesome Game Ideas To Have Fun With

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In Conclusion

I'm sure you are full of ideas about what swimming pool games you would do for your upcoming pool party.

Beat the heat and have some summer fun by diving into the pool or beach! Pack your sunscreen and sunhat because you will have an amazing time with friends and family.

Get out there and have some fun!