Do you find yourself wanting to enjoy some fun Halloween activities?

As a gamer myself, I've covered plenty of event activities, such as dinner party games, and we have covered icebreakers over at Mantelligence. So, I like to think I know how to throw a spooky, fun Halloween party game night.

Don't believe me? Read on, and learn about some fun Halloween games for that spookiest of seasons.


Spooktacular List Of Fun Halloween Activities For All Ages

Are you ready for a spooky Halloween? We've got some fun and exciting Halloween activities that people of all ages can play. Whether you're throwing your own Halloween party or just attending one, these Halloween pastimes are sure to keep you in that festive, playful mood. So, celebrate that spooky season with these fun pastimes anyone can play! Happy Halloween, everybody!


4 Halloween Event Ideas For Kids

It goes without saying, but kids love Halloween. These Halloween game ideas are perfect for the costumed, candy-loving youths stopping by your Halloween party. Halloween events are all about spooky ideas with sweet, candy-filled twists, so give those little ones a treat by trying out these fun little Halloween icebreakers!

1. Candy Corn Toothpick Towers

Candy corn is such a classic Halloween treat. Those sweet little candies have more uses than just eating, though! You can make fun shapes and structures from the connected candy corn! It's a fun use of excess candy corn you've got lying around - and once you're done with it, you can eat it all up, of course!

2. Spider Race Game

Halloween party ideas often have plenty of fake spiders and spiderwebs as decorations. So, it's only natural for there to be a game about spiders! Rather than real spiders, kids hold fake, handmade spiders aloft with a length of yarn and try to move the spiders forward without touching them, only moving them by lifting and lowering the yarn. It's a cute and wholesome game that kids love to play.

3. Shoot The Skeleton Game

Skeletons are also popular creatures to dress up as during Halloween! These bony creatures are beloved by children of all ages for being spooky. So, why don't we play a game that involves them? In this Halloween party game, you hang up a fake skeleton and try to shoot slime at it through a squirt gun. It's a simple but addictive game for kids of any age, perfect for a Halloween activity!

4. Halloween Egg Hunt

Halloween activities aren't complete without this classic game! Like Easter, this Halloween scavenger hunt is all about finding spookily-painted eggs hidden in the area. The one who can find the most wins! Not only is it fun to play, but it can also be fun painting the eggs themselves and coming up with clever places to hide them as well.

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4 Things to Do At A Halloween Event That Adults Will Enjoy

Halloween isn't just for kids! Adults can get in on the fun through their own costumes or just by participating in fun Halloween icebreakers. These ideas are perfect for the adults to play while the kids are out trick-or-treating. This can soak up so much of your time this Halloween season.

5. Halloween Bingo

If you love Bingo, why not play this spooky version of Bingo? It's a great way to start your party. Someone must, at random, say several things related to Halloween. If it's on your card, you cross it out. If you get an entire row or column, then it's Bingo!

6. Halloween Charades

Charades but with a Halloween twist! People try to guess what Halloween monster you're trying to be, and if they guess right, they get a prize! Adults who are young at heart will love this thrilling guessing game. How much do you know about those ghastly ghouls and monsters?

7. Spooky Playing Cards

There are many kinds of themed playing cards out there. Like board games for adults, these themed cards can add a festive aura to even an ordinary game of cards! Celebrate the spookiest of seasons by finding a themed set of cards perfect for your Halloween party.

8. Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is the most classic of Halloween activities! Demonstrate your art skills by carving out a spooky face on a pumpkin. You'll need some carving supplies for this, but with some time and effort, anyone can make a beautifully carved pumpkin during this spooky season! Afterward, decorate your home with hollowed-out pumpkins to create that wonderful, festive atmosphere.

4 Exciting Outdoor Halloween Activities

Enjoy the great outdoors this holiday season with these perfectly fun, exciting outdoor Halloween festivities. You won't be limited to just your house when you play these fun contests - anyone and everyone can join in and share the fun!

9. Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt

A festive Halloween scavenger hunt is a perfect way to kick off the spooky season. Hide themed, festive Halloween items scattered in various spots all over your neighborhood, and have everyone try to find as many as they can! It's a great and fun way to enjoy the outdoors.

10. Scary Treasure Hunting

This one is just like the scavenger hunt above, only this time, you'll be given clues! In this fun game, people form groups and try to solve spooky riddles and monster trivia on a hint given to them - when they answer correctly, they find the next clue. It's a good way to show how much you know about Halloween!

11. Ghost in The Graveyard

Ghost in The Graveyard is a fusion of Tag and Hide & Seek, except often played at night! One player, the ghost, must hide in the play area, trying to avoid being tagged. Then the other players must try to find and tag the ghost before running to the safe area. The last one to reach the safe area becomes the next ghost. It's a seriously addictive game for young kids and adults alike!

12. Pumpkin Bowling

Bowling, except with pumpkins! Try to hit all the pins by bowling a pumpkin into them. Even if it isn't a major change to the game, it's still a fun way to enjoy yourself during the festivities. For the most fun, invite some friends over and keep score! Imagine what would happen with an actual bowling ball if you could get a turkey with a pumpkin.

4 Drunk-Worthy Halloween Drinking Party For Friends

While the kids play are busy with contests and prizes, you might be tempted to break out the booze. After all, a celebration isn't at all complete without a toast! Luckily, there are ways to make the simple act of drinking fun this Halloween season, and I'll show you what they are.

13. Trick Or Drink

With plenty of people trick-or-treating during October, here's a fun way to take advantage of that: every time the doorbell rings and you hear "Trick or Treat," take a sip. Depending on how packed your neighborhood is, it can be a fun little extra or a serious drinking match between you and your friends. Have some candy with what you're drinking!

14. Slap Cup Game

Slap Cup is a pretty classic game that, nonetheless, can become pretty intense! Everyone must try to get a ball into an empty cup as fast as possible. If you manage on your first try, you can pass your ball and empty cup to anyone you want. On later tries, you can pass it to the person on your left. If you manage to get your ball in the cup faster than the person immediately to your left, you can slap their cup off and pass your ball and cup to that person's left! Everyone repeats this until the cups in the middle have been emptied.

15. Truth Or Drink

A classic game of Truth or Dare, except the dares are replaced with drinking. Over at Mantelligence, we've covered some dares... but you won't be using them in this game. Instead, you either answer a question or take a sip from your drink. The longer you all play, the harder it becomes to do anything - you either struggle to answer your questions or pass out from drinking. It's a fun way to get wasted this season, but beware of hangovers!

16. Never Have I Ever Game - Halloween Edition

A Halloween-themed drinking game like this is less about the frights and more about the laughs. Someone must state that they have never done X: they must take a sip if someone else has done X. If no one else has done X, then the person stating it must take a drink. The fun part is when only one other person has done X: they have to talk about it in as juicy a detail as possible! At any rate, be ready for a lot of laughs and drinking as you try to find something other people have done, but you have never done it yourself. At Mantelligence, we have done such "never have I ever" games!

Party Prize Ideas For The Brave Heart Winners

Ordinarily, you'd give candy to the people who win during Halloween, right? But that's so... typical. Instead, try spicing things up by giving people spooky, scary objects for when they win! Spooky skeleton figurines, fake ouija boards, Halloween-themed items... There are plenty of possibilities for fun gifts that stay away from the norm. For bonus points, try to cater the rewards to the activity that they won a prize for! Give someone a spooky egg during a Halloween Egg hunt, and they'll remember their success during the next spooky season.

Why We Celebrate All Hallows Eve

At Mantelligence, we've covered some Halloween trivia to get you started.

Halloween, known in Christianity as All Hallows' Eve, is the eve before All Hallow's Day. It is a holiday in which we celebrate all the saints who have gone to heaven. So, the day before that is a day in which we pay respects to the dead. Devout followers often refrain from eating meat on the day itself and pray in churches to respect the fallen. Trick or treating is born of the tradition in which people ask for alms in exchange for prayer.

Another possible origin for Halloween is the Gaelic holiday of Samhain, which means "summer's end." The Celtic people believed that the dead would walk among the living on this day. To commune with them, they donned costumes, lit bonfires, and offered sacrifices of cattle to them. In modern times, this ancient tradition has been reborn as a day of dressing up as frightening creatures themselves - now known as modern Halloween.

6 Scariest Movies To Watch For An Eerie All Hallow's Eve Celebration

Looking to celebrate this spookiest of seasons? How about watching some scary movies to get in the spooky holiday mood? If you're looking for great frights and scary scenes, you can't go wrong with this list of scary movies. Have a great Halloween movie night!

"The Exorcist (1973)"

The Exorcist is a scary and chilling film about a child who gets possessed by a demon, causing supernatural events to occur. Eventually, the child's parents call for an exorcism - with disastrous results.

"The Conjuring (2013)"

The Conjuring takes place in a haunted farmhouse where strange, paranormal events occur. The Perron family, who have recently moved into the farmhouse, then calls upon two demonologists, enlisting them to find out the truth and perform an exorcism in the haunted location.

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)"

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is about Sally, her brother Franklin, and their friends, Jerry, Kirk, and Pam, trying to escape a serial killer named Leatherface. The serial killer kills Sally's friends in brutal and horrific ways, and Sally only narrowly escapes being killed herself.

"IT (2017)"

It is a movie about a supernatural entity known as "It," which takes on the form of a clown named Pennywise. The story follows a group of people who all have lived through individual traumatic experiences being terrorized by the titular It, and they try to find a way to escape.

"Hereditary (2018)"

Hereditary is about a family splintered after the death of their youngest daughter. Years later, strange things begin happening, their late daughter starts to speak through one of the surviving family members - and their lives are changed forever.

"The Blair Witch Project (1999)"

The Blair Witch Project is a film in the style of found-footage films. It covers the disappearance of three student filmmakers - Heather, Michael, and Joshua, as they attempt to film a documentary about the titular Blair Witch.

Awesome Tips To Make Halloween Celebration Unforgettable For Everyone

Halloween is a special day for everyone. It's a day of fun, festivities, and celebration that only comes once a year. That's why we want to make every Halloween unforgettable, each more than the last. Thankfully, we've got a few tips for making that special day just a little more special.

Let's start with decorations. Every Halloween party will want to put up their decorations! At The Golden, we've got some outdoor Halloween decorations that will make trick-or-treaters want to come flock to your front door. We've also got some Halloween party decorations our friends at The Golden recommend. We've also got some basic Halloween decorations, once again at The Golden. The important part is that all of the decorations feel spooky yet attractive... Perfect words for the season you're celebrating.

Then, you've got to have fun competition, of course. We've covered plenty of activities, but there is so much potential for fun Halloween festivities that you can plan for kids and adults. Even an ordinary game you'd play at any other time of the year can become a fun Halloween game if you add some of that festive flair! And what contests would come without their prizes? You can give out candy or give out spooky prizes that will create a lasting memory.

Last but not least is the food! It's the season for spookiness and sweet treats, so you've got to put out your own sweet and festive dishes that can make any party special. Pumpkin-themed dishes are common, but what about dishes that incorporate everyone's favorite candy? Anyone with a weakness for sweet things will love a specially prepared Halloween dinner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I've covered plenty of fun Halloween activities people of any age range can try, you must be full of questions about what to play at Halloween and how you can play them. I've got some answers to these frequently asked questions, and hopefully, they can help you figure out what you want to do.

Is an arcade game about Halloween still relevant now?

With the birth of the pandemic, people looking to spend Halloween at home might find themselves playing arcade games - and what better to celebrate the season than with a Halloween-themed arcade game? So, to answer your question, it can still be relevant to want to play Halloween arcade games!

What is the best time to play Halloween contests?

Naturally, the best time to play these sorts of festivities is at night, during Halloween itself! If your Halloween party is earlier than normal, no need to worry; you can still have plenty of fun time playing these Halloween-themed competitions with friends and family.

How can I make everyone join Halloween-themed festivities, especially those who are scared?

Halloween usually isn't too scary, but some people might still be frightened during this season. The best way to get these people to join is to show them that even scary things can be fun! Show them that you're having a blast and that you want them to enjoy this season too. It might encourage them to be brave and try some new things.

What makes Halloween so special among kids?

Above everything else, kids love costumes - they find it fun to dress up for a spooky evening party. Being able to dress up as your favorite monster or creature can be really fun and addicting to kids! Kids love trick-or-treating as well - getting candy out of doing something fun is a huge bonus.

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With these fun Halloween activities, no Halloween will ever be the same. For kids or adults of all ages, there's a fun activity for you to try. So, this spooky season, spice up your party with this list of fun Halloween icebreakers to try!