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King's Cup Rule: How to Play the Classic Drinking Game

You'll need a great activity to keep everyone entertained when you're with your friends and family at a get-together. If you're tired of the classic beer pong or flip cup, it may be time to find a new game to play with the group. Most people try playing a board game or a card game to make the gathering fun and memorable, and King's Cup is one such game you can play!

The King's Cup Game is a great card game to play with a group. Each person takes one card from the deck. You can decide if you want to go clockwise or counter-clockwise. Each card has a corresponding rule. It's best to keep a record of the rules so everyone knows what they are.

We will teach you the rules a bit, but you can also make custom rules depending on the group's liking. The most important rule is this - when someone draws a king card, they will pour whatever liquid they prefer into a large cup placed beside the deck. Whoever draws the fourth king will drink the contents of the cup, hence the term "King's Cup."

Things You Need To Prepare To Play The Game

If you want to play king's cup but don't know where to start, we've got you covered! We will tell you everything you need to prepare before your gathering.

#1: A vessel.

You need a cup in the middle of the circle. When you draw a king card, you will choose what liquid to put in it. You can put water, beer, or even crazy drinks like vinegar or soy sauce, as long as they're within sight of everyone in the game. You may choose a large cup, preferably plastic, so you won't need to worry about it falling and breaking. When someone draws the 4th king, this vessel will contain all the liquids the first 3 kings have poured, and the 4th king will drink everything in it.

#2: Deck of cards.

You will also need a basic deck of cards to play this game. You can choose to include the joker if you want. You will need to assign a rule to it. This deck of cards is actually the heart and soul of the game. You can't play it without these cards. Make sure to have playing cards on hand all the time so you always have the option to play the king's cup drinking game.

#3: Friends.

You will have a lot of fun with this game if you get many friends to play with you. It's easy for everyone to relate to, and it will be enjoyable for everybody. Now, you can get away with playing this with at least 2 friends. However, having at least 5-6 people playing is more fun.

#4: Beverages.

Most people like to play this game with an alcoholic beverage. If your group is the type who likes to drink, then you can go ahead and get a drink of your choice for this game. If you don't like alcohol, get a different drink and participate in the game's rules. Either way, you'll need some kind of liquid, but it has to be something people can actually drink.

The Card Rules

Let's get on with the best part of this game - the rules. Rules are fairly simple. Everyone draws a card and will follow the corresponding rule on that card. We will teach you the basic rules of each card in this list below. However, if you want to customize the rules, that's totally your call. You can make your own card-drinking game out of our basic rules.

#1: Ace – Waterfall

When you draw an ace, you have to do the ace waterfall. You will drink from your own cup, and the person to your left will also start drinking until the entire circle is drinking. The second person can only stop drinking once the card drawer stops. The third person can only stop drinking until the second person stops, and so on.

Alternative Rule: Passing Ace

An ace can be a "pass" card. If you draw this card, you can keep it and use it when you need to take a shot. It will give you a pass to get someone else to drink instead of you.

#2: Two - You

The best part about this game is that everyone will drink at some point in the game. When you draw a 2, you will choose someone in the group to drink. It might be someone you want to pick on or feel isn't really drinking.

Alternative Rule: Double Trouble

Try this rule out if you want it to be more interesting. You may also point to two people, and they will drink. Make sure you clarify all these rules from the start to avoid confusion in the middle of the game.

#3: Three - Me

In king's cup, it's fun when you get other people to drink. Every card has a mini-game or dare that the card drawer has to do so they don't get a penalty drink. However, you can't escape it when you're the one who has to drink. One of the most common rules of king's cup is that when you draw a 3, you are the one to drink.

Alternative Rule: Gleeful Three

When you get this card, you can start singing a song. People will sing along, and the last person who joins in will drink. If there's someone who doesn't know the song, they will take a shot too.

#4: Four - Floor

Drawing a 4-card means you have to be fast and subtle. You should place your hand on the floor when you get this card. The last person who places their hand on the floor will drink. You don't need to announce it. Simply reveal the card and lay your hand on the floor.

Alternative Rule: Flat on the Floor

A fun rule here is to tweak the initial condition. If the original rule is to lay your hand on the floor, it will be more fun to lay your whole body on the floor. You can even have someone take a video of it so you have a funny memory to look back on. The last person who lays flat on the floor will take a shot.

#5: Five - Guys

When you get this card, have all the guys in the group take a shot. Real men will never back down from a challenge. You can even dare them to take a double shot and see which of them will take you up on it. Chances are, all the men will take you up on it.

Alternative Rule: High Fives

If the group isn't up for dividing into guys and girls, it's alright. You can also apply a different rule when drawing a 5-card. If someone draws this, they must get someone to touch their palms or "high five" with. The last people who touch both palms together will take a shot.

#6: Six - Girls

Drawing this card means all the women in the group have to take a stand and drink together. You know that ladies always stick together. So if you're a lady and draw this card, don't leave anyone behind. Get all the girls to say cheers and have a shot with you.

Alternative Rule: Six Tricks

If you want to apply a new rule here, try this one out. You can ask everyone in the group to show off a weird thing their body can do. Tell them to show all their tricks. If there's someone who can't do it, they drink. And if you're unlucky and you can't do it, you will take a shot too.

#7: Seven - Heaven

This is a fun card to play. When someone draws this card, they have to point their finger to the ceiling or to "heaven." It's more fun if you just place the card down and subtly point your finger up. When everybody catches on, they should also point up. The last person to raise their finger will take a shot.

Alternate Rule: Seven Eleven

If you're not into this, it's alright to adjust the rule. You can also change this up and make it a "7-11" rule. Whoever picks this card will refill everyone's drinks, like what you'd do at a convenience store. People can request the card drawer to refill drinks and food. They can even ask that person to prepare a snack or get some chips.

#8: Eight - Mate

This is one of the most fun rules in king's cup. When you draw the 8-card, you can choose anyone to be your "mate." What does this mean exactly? When you are going to drink, your mate will also take a shot. You can also tweak this rule and have it go both ways. When your mate is required to drink, you will join them. Let's say you're the last to place your hand on the floor when the 4-card is drawn so that you will take a penalty drink. Your mate will join you for that, even if their hand is on the floor first.

Alternate Rule: Eight is Late

If you don't like this rule, you can try a variation. Whoever gets this card announces where they're going, like the bathroom or the front yard. Everyone will then go to that place, and whoever is last or "late" that person will be the one to take the shot.

#9: Nine - Rhyme

Once somebody draws the 9-card, it's rhyme time! If you get this card, you will start with a word, and the rest will have to devise a rhyme for it. Each person takes turns saying a word that rhymes with the first word until one person messes up. That person will take a shot.

Alternate Rule: Nine in Line

You can create a new rule for this card if you're not up to rhyming. If someone draws this card, that person should get up and face away from the crowd. This will prompt everyone to queue behind that person or "line" up. The last person in line will be the one who drinks.

#10: Ten - Categories

If you draw this card, mention a category and say one thing under that category. Let's say you choose "sports" as a category. You will start with baseball, and then the next person will say basketball, and so forth. If a person can't name a sport or repeats an item that someone else said, they will take a shot. Pro-tip: choose a category that you know a lot about. You will have plenty of choices to say, while other people in the group may run out of options fast.

Alternate Rule: Ten Again

In case you don't enjoy the categories rule, you can try this one instead. When you draw the 10-card, the last person to take a shot will drink once again. If they have a mate from the 8-card, both of them will have to take a shot.

#J: Jack - Thumbmaster

This is a great rule. If you draw the Jack card, set it down in the middle and subtly place your thumb wherever you prefer. You can place it on your nose or your lap. Everyone needs to imitate where you put your thumb, and the person who does it last will take a shot.

Alternate Rule: Never Have I Ever

This is a nice alternative to the thumb master rule. If someone draws this card, that person will say something they've never done. For example, you say, "Never have I ever kissed someone of the same gender." While holding 5 fingers up, everyone will put a finger down if they have kissed someone of the same gender. Then, everybody takes turns saying something they've never done. The first person to get all fingers down will be the one to take a shot.

#Q: Queen - Question Master

If you draw this card, consider yourself a powerful player in the group. You are the question master, which means when you ask someone a question, and they answer you, they will take a shot. You will be the question master until someone else draws a queen. So, make the most of it and ask away. Be subtle, though. You can ask things like, "Who's going next?" or "Is this your cup?" You can also ask the people who have "mates," so twice as many people drink every time you ask a question.

Alternative Rule: Screen Queen

You might not like the question master rule so you can try this rule instead. When you draw this card, set it down in the middle and grab your phone. The last person to grab their phone will drink. You can take it one step further and set the rule like this. Once you set the card down, open your phone to an app you know everyone has, like Messages or Calendar. Hold it up for everyone to see. The last person to hold up their phone with the same app showing on the screen will drink.

#K: K - King's Cup

This is the main focus of the game. Before starting, you have to place a vessel that you call the "King's Cup." When you draw a king card, you should pour a liquid of your choice into the vessel in the middle. You may only choose something that is visible to everyone. You can't enter the fridge or kitchen to get an obscure liquid. Anything in sight is fair game, though. So, if there's cough syrup or soy sauce on the table, you can choose that. The person who draws the 4th king will drink all the contents of the king's cup.

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Tips When Playing King's Cup

Many things require preparation before you begin. King's cup is a really fun game; everyone will enjoy and remember it if you can do it right. We've got a few tips here that you will greatly appreciate once you plan your get-together.

Tip #1: Make your own cheat sheet ahead of time, or at least talk over the rules quickly before beginning.

Before you start, you should comb through each rule and explain what everyone has to do for each card they might draw. To make it easier, I always make sure to hang a big piece of paper or a whiteboard that lists all the rules and place it where everyone can see it. This way, everyone will have access to all the rules at any given time. You may also send a copy of the rules to everyone's phones so they can see it easily.

Tip #2: If playing with a diverse or new crowd, let everyone submit a rule or suggestion to spice the game up.

The beauty of king's cup is that you can practically make any rules you want, and it would still be fun. If you want to impose a rule, take it up with the rest of the group and get a consensus. You can also ask the group for some suggestions so it would be more fun for everybody.

Tip #3: If you're under the age to legally drink alcohol, use soda or make mystery drinks to use instead of alcohol.

Only some people like or are allowed to drink, so it's best to talk it over first and have a few ingredients on hand just in case you need to make a mystery mocktail. This way, everyone in the group can still participate, even if they can't drink.

Tip #4: Always drink responsibly.

It's really fun to have a gathering with your friends and family where you can play this game and make a great memory out of it. However, make sure that you don't overdo it. If you're driving after the get-together, I'd suggest you get a mocktail instead of an alcoholic drink. If you know your friends are driving afterward, get some mocktails for them too. Or, if you're hosting, you could offer people to stay over for the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more queries about the king's cup? We've got a few frequently asked questions that could help you learn more about the king's cup.

Can you play King's cup with two people?

You could, but it wouldn't be as exciting as it would be if you had around 5-6 players. If you're only playing with one other person, you might get tired of it very quickly. Choose another card game if you have only one person with you. King's cup might not be the game for you.

How do I win the game?

There isn't really any winning the game, not unless you count not drinking as a sign of winning. The point of the game is not to win but to have an activity while drinking with your buddies. With this game, you shouldn't think about how to win it. You should think about how to make it more fun.

Can I play this game on any occasion?

Any casual get-together can be a good opportunity to play this game. It's perfect for family reunions, birthday parties, and even bridal showers. You can't really play this at a formal event, like a wedding or a funeral. Casual events are the best places to play this game.

Is the Ring of Fire and King's Cup the same?

Ring of Fire and King's Cup are basically the same. They have the same rules, where everyone takes turns drawing one card and doing the rule associated with it. The only difference is that the cards are scattered to form a circle surrounding the king's cup.

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