Getting a taste of the farm life has never been easier, thanks to Egg, Inc and with the help of Egg Inc cheats. It's a game that lets you enjoy all the fun of raising chickens and making money off selling their eggs, all while you sit on your phone instead of spending your time in dirty chicken coops.

It's a win-win all around ...that is, unless you start struggling with producing those delicious, lucrative Egg, Inc. eggs. In that situation, you'll need to a little extra help to make sure your little farm empire continues to thrive.

That help has finally arrived with these Egg, Inc. cheats. Just use the Egg, Inc. cheats below, and you'll convince your poultry to put in a real shift and keep your farm going.

6 Best Egg Inc Cheats

There are a lot of ways to use Egg Inc cheats to game the game a bit.

When you really need to get a little extra boost in your egg production to make sure your farm makes ends meet, you don't have to toss the game down in frustration. You can just use some of the Egg Inc. cheats we've collected here.

Just pick the ones that work best for you, and get cracking.

1. Keep Tapping

You already know you need to tap to get those chickens out and producing eggs for your farm. However, there are ways to make those chickens work harder.

Start with the device you're playing on. You've got far less space to tap on a phone. If you switch to an iPad, you can use up to eight figures to increase your tapping rate.

On your iPhone, you can also use 3D touch to increase your tapping capability.

2. Earn Money

Money is crucial to your Egg, Inc. cheats and strategies. There are some hacks out there that claim they are able to generate unlimited money for you, but we'd caution against using them. Instead, we'd recommend pursuing the moneybags mode, where the cash value of your eggs multiplies.

If you spend long enough on your eggs without updating them, and when there's still a trophy you need to reach, this can become available.

3. Prioritize Your Upgrades

Upgrades are a great way to get more from your farm. However, there are a lot of upgrades out there, and some are more efficient than others.

Make sure you pursue all of these epic upgrades: epic internal hatcheries, silo capacity, soul food, and lab upgrades.

Together, these will vastly improve how many chickens you can have and how quickly you can get those eggs. That'll obviously make a big difference for your farm over the long and short term.

4. Careful with Updates

Knowing when to update a game is always tricky. After all, gameplay can improve and new features can debut in updates. At the same time, the creators of the games are always looking for ways to close down glitches, shortcuts, and, well, cheats.

For instance, moneybags mode can't be reached as easily on the more recent editions of the game.

This should be a cautionary tale. So, make sure the next update isn't going to muck up your strategy or your Eggs, Inc. cheats too much.

5. Golden Eggs for More Golden Eggs

It appears that if you use your golden eggs to fund your epic research, the game will reward you with more golden eggs. While the numbers aren't certain, it appears you get far more golden eggs back when you use them in this way.

6. Watch Those Drones

When you see drones flying around your farm, tap on them to knock them out the sky. You can then collect some money on them. Rarely, you can get a golden egg for your efforts.

To increase the chance of a golden egg, you can get the drone rewards upgrade.

How to Use These Egg Inc Cheats

Cheats wouldn't be any good at all if they were tough to employ. After all, these are supposed to make your life and gameplay easier, they're supposed to take a little of the toughness out of the game, so they ought to be a synch to employ.

And the ones in this article are relatively easy. The only trick is knowing which ones to use, when to use them, and how to know if they're working.

To sort through those issues, follow these 5 steps.

1. Decide how much help you want

This is really the basic question when it comes to any cheat for any game. Do you want to do it all on your own? Do you want a little help? Or are you just interested in making the process as easy as possible for you so you can enjoy all the rewards of the game?

Answer that question for yourself, and then decide whether you want to use no cheats, a few cheats, or all of them.

2. Determine if this is a cheatable moment

Based on your answer above, you may decide that every moment in the game is a cheatable one. Or, you may want to wait until you're really stuck.

Beyond that, you need to see if this is a moment in the game when you can employ any of the cheats in this article. So, are you in a position to use some golden eggs or to achieve moneybags mode? Could you use some faster tapping or is that not your issue?

3. Consider what a cheat is going to do to help

Similar to Step 2, you need to think if the result of the cheat is really going to help you in the way you need help. If you just need more money, then getting to moneybags mode could be a real benefit. If you need more golden eggs, then the golden eggs cheat could be really useful.

However, even if a cheat would work right now, if you don't need it, then it's up to you whether you want to employ it just because.

4. Gauge the effect of your cheat

Once you've used the cheat, take a look at the game. Have you gotten what you needed from that cheat or has it failed to help you out of your difficulty?

The Eggs, Inc. cheats in this article aren't going to harm your game in any way, so there's no reason not to use them, but if you don't get all those golden eggs when you sold your stock and put it into epic research, then you should note that.

5. Reapply or try another

Based off what you've noted in Step 4, decide whether you want to use the same cheat again or if it's time to try another one. Or, if you've decided to play the game clean and straight from here on out.

At that point, you can decide to start over again at Step 1 to pick out another Egg, Inc. cheat or to just move on with the game on your own.

More Awesome Gaming Cheats

Egg, Inc. isn't the only game out there that sometimes requires a little extra help beyond the occasional strategic hint. But, no matter what game you're playing, we're here to help. Just look at some of the other cheats we've collected for you:

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In Conclusion

Getting those Egg, Inc. eggs can be incredibly addicting, and at times, it can also be frustrating. That's when it's always nice to have a few Egg Inc cheats available to get your farm to that next level of production.

When you've got a few cheats in hand, as you do now, Egg, Inc. can continue to be fun without any risk of farm failure.