If you're a war buff, a real-time strategy game aficionado or a little of column A and B, Supremacy 1914 is a must-play.

More than 2.5 million gamers from all over the world get involved in this epic online battle, with the most prominent players coming from Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and of course The United States. More than 4,000 new players join daily, so there are always going to be new opponents to conquer.

Don't sweat it if you don't have the latest console or a beefed-up PC. You play this HTML 5 game on your online browser (computer or mobile), and it's 100% free, so the barrier of entry is accessible to virtually anyone.

Enjoy playing private rounds with your gamer buddies, or take your quest to the next level by challenging the entire world -- there can be up to 500 people at a time on a single map.

Are you ready for a global battle? Probably not, but don't worry -- we've got you covered. Arm yourself with some knowledge before you start taking over the world at the turn of the century.

What Is Supremacy 1914?

Supremacy 1914 was created by a German studio called Bytro Labs, and it was published by Bigpoint Games. In 2009, it was voted Browser Game of the Year by Game Genetics.

In Supremacy 1914, you control one of the countries during World War I. Your goal is quite simple -- become the supreme leader of the world -- but getting there's the hard part.

Whether you prefer clever diplomacy or utter brutality is entirely up to you. Just know that you're going to need to manage your resources, upgrade your provinces, and build alliances if you want to survive this free-for-all.

How to Play Supremacy 1914: 9 Steps

So you're ready to engage in full-on global warfare. As you read this guide, remember that you're the chief strategist. You can choose to follow your own path. There are going to be tough decisions that only you can make.

This guide gives you powerful tips and advice, but there may be moments when only you know how best to proceed.

Step 1: Start Recruiting

Your first instinct might be to boost your tech level by building workshops. We recommend taking a different route.

Instead, navigate to the right side of the screen where you'll see a foldable menu. Now, start building a recruiting office in every province.

It's a fairly quick process, but the results are worth it. This step ensures that you have plenty of troops on hand to guard your borders in the days to come.

Step 2: Build Up Your Defense

It's quite common for newbies to start attacking right out the gate. Don't make that mistake. Instead, build up your defense now so you can discourage them from attacking early (and so you're prepared in case they do).

You're already building your army, so now it's time to keep working on physical, non-human defense. Your borders should be protected by your new recruits, so now it's time to work on defending the safer provinces, i.e. the ones that are landlocked.

You can do this by building at least three barracks on each landlocked province. For added protection, you may want to build fortresses.

Step 3: Reach out to Your Neighbors

Now that you have some basic defense in place, it's time to form some alliances. While you may crave utter, unrivaled power, you may need to work with other armies to get there. Don't worry -- you can always backstab them later.

Send a message out to the leaders in your area, requesting an alliance. If they're not willing to work with you, you can at least try to form a non-aggression treaty.

Remember: You're the little guy right now, so there's no guarantee that they're going to bite. That said, it never hurts to have some powerful allies. In fact, it may be necessary to your survival during the first week or so of gameplay.

Step 4: Stock Up on Resources

Another common noob mistake is failing to buy resources right from the get-go. Prices start surging as the game goes on, so now is the time to secure some essential supplies.

Fortunately, the game gives you plenty of cash to work with. We recommend buying any resources $5 or under. That way you can develop your country now while also reserving resources for later when you may not be able to afford them.

Try to use up your resources with negative consumption so you can produce more of the higher-cost resources. For example, you could survive on cheap fish while producing grain. That way you have income incoming, allowing you to build up your barracks without starving your army.

It's wise to keep at least 24 hours worth of stock on hand at all times. While you're offline, the game is still happening, so you want to make sure your soldiers keep their morale up and that they're prepared for war.

Step 5: Select a Country to Develop

After you've completed all that preliminary legwork, it's time to decide which province(s) you want to focus on building up. Now, obviously this step is largely a matter of preference.

That said, you can be strategic about which areas you choose to focus on. For example, does one province offer double resource protection? Or does one have more iron, wood, or grain available? Think about your future plans, and decide on areas that will make your goals achievable.

Step 6: Develop Your Land

Now, it's time to start creating an infrastructure that will allow you to generate more resources. Focus on one or two provinces for now -- you don't want to spread your resources too thin.

If your province is on the coast, building a harbor is a must. You should also build factories and railroads. The faster you get up and running, the more of an advantage you're going to have over the noobs who attacked early before getting their ducks in a row.

Eventually your goal is to have a network of railroads and ports that allows you to travel throughout the world. Start by placing them in strategic places, and then build more when you're ready to spread out more.

Step 7: Attack Smart

Now that you've gotten a solid infrastructure in place, you may want to attack your surrounding enemies. Don't attack too soon! Declaring war destabilizes the surrounding areas, and if you're not strong enough, you may be decimated.

Before attacking, it's wise to consult with your neighboring allies and enemies. While a surprise attack may be advantageous in some situations, diplomacy can go a long way in helping you to be victorious in the long run.

You can also use spies to your advantage. When you're not at war, you can learn if an enemy is going to attack you, allowing you to prepare. During war, your spies can eliminate important infrastructure, crippling your enemies' resources.

Take note that if you're attacking a fortress level 2 or higher, you can't tell how many soldiers are defending it. Be very cautious when attacking these types of fortresses, as you may be in for a devastating surprise.

On the other side of the coin, building level 2 or higher fortresses can discourage enemies from attacking you, even if you have limited soldiers.

This type of strategic bluffing can be a great way to make your attacks more effective, just remember that there's always a risk that someone will attack anyways and you'll be virtually guaranteed to lose.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you can group your soldiers or separate them into groups. Both have their advantages.

When your soldiers are in one large group, they take less damage, but they also deal less damage. In smaller numbers, your soldiers are more vulnerable to damage, but they also inflict more damage.

Step 8: Play the Role

While it's not required, many players appreciate those who really get into the game. That means using formal, military-inspired language. While you may feel a little silly at first, roleplaying as an actual army tactitioner makes the game more immersive, engaging, and, well, fun.

Beyond communicating with your enemies and allies in military speak, you can also put out propaganda while you're at war. A great way to build friendships/create rivalries is to subtly poke fun of your enemies (using official military language, of course) in the Daily European.

In other words, just go for it. If you're going to play the game, play it full-on. Turn out the lights, put on your military garb, and get sucked into the game.

Step 9: Use Our Supremacy 1914 Guide

We've barely scratched the surface here. This handy starter guide will get you situated on your path to eventual victory, but it's up to you to make prudent decisions that take you all the way to the top.

For more information on becoming a WWI victor, be sure to check out our Supremacy 1914 guide. It's loaded with incredibly helpful information to aid you on your quest for world domination.

Pro Tip: Know the Different Maps in Supremacy 1914

There are 10 unique maps to choose from. Each one includes various countries, player numbers, and gameplay styles.

Here are some examples:

Map 1: Europe 1914

This map features 10 players/provinces that are fairly balanced. It's an ideal starting point, as it gives you a taste of the large scope of the game, while still letting you bite off only what you can chew.

Map 10: The Great War

This map is the big daddy of world-conquering battles. You may want to get your feet wet with some of the other maps before breaching this one. It features 500 players, and it covers the whole world.

Check out the other Supremacy 1914 maps so you can choose a battle that fits your preferences.

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Have you ever played the board game Risk? Supremacy 1914 is like that on steroids. It connects you to a massive world of gamers and lets you live out your fantasies of being the ruler of the world.

The beauty of this game is that there's endless replay value. Every campaign is entirely unique, and with 10 maps to choose from, there's always something new on the horizon.

It may take some time before you achieve absolute victory, but that's what makes this game so fun. You can learn from experienced players and eventually become one yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? There's a turn-of-the-century world out there waiting to be conquered.