These days, a lot of people are searching for games to play online when bored. And it's no wonder - many individuals are feeling cooped up right now, and escaping to the virtual world has never been more appealing.

So what are the best online games to play when bored? The truth is that there are many options out there for you to choose from. The best game for you depends on your personal interests, your group of friends, and all kinds of other factors.

The good news is that gaming is very easy to get into. Whether you're playing on a console or your smartphone, you can get started quickly and easily.

The tricky part is actually figuring out which game to play. There's no denying the fact that there are almost endless options today for online video games. In fact, there are so many options that sometimes it can be challenging to pick a game and start playing. 

Check out these online games to play when bored, and you can feel confident that you're playing a game that will give you hours upon hours of fun and entertainment.


7 Best Games to Play Online When Bored

If you really want to have fun with your gaming experience, then choose only the best of the best.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an epic adventure in a dystopian, futuristic environment. Players have the choice to upgrade themselves cybernetically.

2. Minecraft

Sometimes, you just can't beat the classics. Minecraft has been around forever, but this building/adventure game is still just as fun as ever.

3. My Wild Pet

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own exotic pet? This game lets you take care of lions, tigers, and wolves... Without the scratching and biting.

4. Angry Birds Go!

The Angry Birds franchise is another fan favorite, and this game is completely free. It's kind of like a mix between Mario Kart and Angry Birds.

5. Farm Animal Family

If you're looking for a family-friendly gaming experience, Farm Animal Family is your best bet. This is a super chill game that lets you start a virtual farm.

6. War Robots

If you like games like mech assault and animes like Gundam, you'll love War Robots. Command powerful titans in this epic battlefield game.

7. F18 Carrier Landing II

If you're a fan of movies like Top Gun, you'll love F18 Carrier Landing II. This game puts you right in the cockpit of an F18 in a realistic flight simulator.

7 Fun Online Games to Play with Friends When Bored

If you're all about the multiplayer experience, then you need to check out these fun online games to play with friends. Link up with friends and have tons of fun without ever leaving your homes.

8. Quiplash

Quiplash comes from the games developer Jackbox Games, which is famous for creating fun party games for tons of friends. You'll have a lot of fun with this one.

9. Rocket Royale

Who needs Fortnite when you can play Rocket Royale? This game is super easy to get started with, and you and your friends can start having fun right away.

10. Uno Cards Game

Even though you and your friends might not be able to meet up in person to play Uno, you can still play Uno Cards online and have just as much fun.

11. Table Tower

Table Tower is very similar to the game Jenga, other than the fact that it's played in a completely virtual environment. Rest assured, it's just as suspenseful and enjoyable.

12. Call of Mini™ Zombies 2

As the name suggests, this game takes cues from Call of Duty, and players join up to fight off hordes of zombies in this co-operative experience.

13. Terraria

Terraria has a huge fan base, and it's a unique mix of crafting, adventure, and building. You can get seriously deep into this game with your friends.

14. YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game

Why play Yahtzee in person when you can simply download this app onto your phone and have a blast? This game has all the regular features of Yahtzee plus much more.

7 Fun Online Multiplayer Games to Play Online When Bored

No matter how big your group of friends is, you can always link up and play these fun online multiplayer games together. You and your friends can have tons of unforgettable moments while playing these games.

15. Paintball Arena Challenge 2

Paintball Area Challenge 2 has great graphics, and it can be seriously addicting. Get your friends together and start blasting away at each other with paintball guns.

16. Cat and Dog

If you and your friends are looking for a game that's a little more cute and friendly, check out Cat and Dog. You get to live the life of a pet in this virtual simulation.

17. Clip: Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is an awesome game for the Nintendo Switch. Instead of fighting each other, teams battle over who can paint the town in their team's color.

18. Bingo

This isn't the kind of bingo your grandparents play. This is online multiplayer bingo where you can link up with friends and have a real blast.

19. Chess

Chess is a game that pushes your mind to the absolute limit. If you and your friends want to boost your IQ, then start playing chess together.

20. World Tennis

Some of the most fun games online are sports games. Check out World Tennis, a fully 3D game that realistically simulates a tennis playing experience.

21. Sonic Forces

If you love Sonic the Hedgehog, then you and your friends have to check out Sonic Forces. This multiplayer experience is the real deal, and it's made by Sega.

7 Hidden Object Games Online to Play Online When Bored

If you like to solve mysteries and embark on detective questions, then you might want to play a few hidden object games online. These games will test your problem-solving abilities.

Here are 7 hidden object games online to play online when bored. 

22. The Shutter Spot

The Shutter Spot is an enjoyable hidden object game that you can play while feeling relaxed and laid back. It's good, light-hearted fun.

23. A Date with Danger

A Date with Danger is one of the best hidden object games out there, and this one is for Windows. You'll travel through all kinds of unique environments to solve mysteries.

24. Maze Of Mystery Collection

Transport yourself to a magical world of fantasy, kingdoms, and royalty in this captivating hidden object game.

25. Big City Adventure: Shanghai

With Big City Adventure: Shanghai, you can explore a brand new city without ever leaving your home. This is a great simulation of what it's like to be a tourist.


Legends of the Wanderer is an excellent option if you want a hidden object game with a rich storyline. Expect to be completely engrossed by this game.

27. Jewel Quest The Crown Collection 

With the Crown Collection, you'll get the entire collection of all nine Jewel Quest games. This will keep you occupied for many months.

28. Big Fish Hidden Expedition

Big Fish: Hidden Expedition is one of the most exciting hidden object games available. Journey deep into the Amazon and discover the remnants of an advanced civilization.

7 Online Games for Free to Play Online When Bored

Free games are always a smart option, and the good news is that there is no shortage of online games for free right now. In fact, some of the world's most popular games are actually 100% free!

29. Jewels of Rome

Jewels of Rome is an awesome game with a captivating story, building, and tons of interesting gameplay mechanics. Best of all, it's completely free.

30. NFL

NFL isn't actually a game per say, but rather an app that lets you follow along with all of the latest NFL games, including scores and highlights. And yes, it's completely free.

31. Strike War

Strike War is a surprisingly deep first-person shooter with great graphics. You can choose different classes, upgrade your weapons, and much more as you battle it out with friends.

32. Police vs Crime

Have you ever wanted to be a cop? Well now's your chance. Chase down criminals, shoot at them, and make sure they go to jail for a very long time.

33. Stunt Extreme

Release your inner daredevil with stunt extreme, the game that rewards you for doing awesome tricks while racing. This one is seriously addictive.

34. Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you're looking for a more realistic racing experience with all the coolest sports cars, check out Asphalt 8: Airborne. As the name suggests, you actually get to fly in this game.

35. Beach Buggy Racing

Racing games are always tons of fun, and Beach Buggy Racing allows you to play with your friends. Just like Mario Kart, you can launch weapons at each other.

How to Pick the Best Games to Play Online When Bored

Picking the right game isn't always easy. It might seem like choosing a video game is a relatively minor decision, but the truth is that it's a big commitment. You're probably going to end up spending at least a few hours on your new game, so it makes sense to think it through and choose the best games ever.

Fortunately, this process is easier than ever before. Just follow this guide on how to pick the best games to play online when bored. Follow all of these tips and tricks, and you can be sure you'll pick a game that you'll absolutely love. 

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In Conclusion

The video game industry is more exciting than ever before. With PS5 and X Box Series X on the way, it's only going to get better.

Even if you've never been that interested in video games, it's never too late to get started. This is one hobby that is very welcoming to newcomers, and it only takes a few hours to get comfortable with gaming.

Searching for games to play online when bored is always a smart move. When you play games online, you can link up with friends and enter into a virtual world where you can continue your social life.

After reading this article, you should have plenty of ideas about online games to play when bored. Although the gaming industry can seem a little intimidating to newcomers, the best thing to do is to simply jump in headfirst.

So just pick a few online games, grab a controller, and start gaming!