If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of EverWing Dragons, you’re in the right place.

This is a guide filled with EverWing tips. From how to get dragons to how to use them. Let’s get right into it without wasting any more time.


What are Everwing Dragons

In Everwing, coins and trophies are awarded in chests after completing missions, boss raids or even inviting friends to play the game. These coins and trophies can be used to buy eggs which harbour beasts. These beasts are called Sidekicks or Dragons.

Everwing Dragons fall into three categories (or scarcities): Common, Rare or Legendary.

Dragons in the Common category have no special abilities but have high attack damage. Those in Rare have medium attack damage but also have special abilities. In the Legendary category, the dragons have better special powers than Rare dragons with medium to high attack damage.

That’s not all. The game has updated the list in August 2017 for those that took part in a special challenge. Two new categories that were introduced; Epic and Mythic.

The Epic category is between the Rare and Legendary while the Mythic category is above Legendary.

5 Best Everwing Dragons

Everwing dragons have a star ranking system. They can also evolve.

A one-star dragon can only level up to level 10. The dragon can then evolve to two-star dragon which would enable it to level up to level 20 before evolving to level three. A level 30, 3 star dragon is the peak for all dragons.

1. Kiin > Kigi > Kiwig

Here’s a fire dragon that has crazy high attack damage of 216. That’s not the only thing that sets this beast above and beyond the pack.

This dragon has the passive ability to give out 50% more damage against bosses and extend item duration by 20%.

It is similar to the Ban evolutionary line which deals bonus against bosses but the Kiin line increases item duration instead of item spawn rate.

How does this translate in gameplay? Well, the increased item duration can help a whole lot for coin and gem farming because the magnet lasts longer. Additionally, boss raids also become easier as the mushroom effect can extend beyond a few more seconds.

2. Magnis > Magmus > Magnimous

Why is this one of the best Everwing Dragons? Well, if killing bosses is your goal, look no further than this chubby fire dragon.

This beast has the power to literally shake and crush bosses with its 50% bonus damage against them. Also, this is a dragon that was born to defeat Spike with its 75% bonus damage against the said boss.

Whether he likes it or not, Spike is in for the worst moment of its life coming up against this dragon. “Magnis > Magmus > Magnimous” has one purpose - to crush Spike until he is annihilated.

If that 75% bonus damage against Spike isn’t scary enough, couple that with the 50% bonus damage against bosses to the equation and you can see why this dragon is incredibly dangerous, not only to Spike but to other bosses as well.

3. Skout > Sage > Tuskan

This incredible dragon of nature has the ability to increase the drop rate and duration of items by a whopping 40%!

An increase of 40% in both item duration and the drop rate is the highest of its kind in the game. Couple this with its attack rating of 196 and you can see why “Skout > Sage > Tuskan” is really one of the best dragons in Everwing.

In the normal run mode, its ability can be really impactful especially when trying to reach max damage and taking advantage of the magnetic power of the magnet item.

Even in boss raids, this dragon’s ability can increase the power of mushrooms considerably.

Generally, the usefulness of this dragon is off the charts. It is also important to note that a fire dragon by the name of “Xiaolong > Huolong > Jinlong” has similar ability.

4. Ban > Bakun > Bakunawa

From the depths of the shadows rises a ruthless dragon with a terrifying attack rating of 216. If this isn’t scary enough, add the fact that it has the passive ability to deal blows that translate to 50% more damage against bosses. That’s not all. It also has the ability to spawn 20% more items from all the monsters it destroys.

This evolutionary line of dragons can be effective both in the normal run mode and the boss raid mode. The bonus damage against bosses comes in handy during boss raids and the 20% item spawn rate, help you a great deal by increasing the chances of getting magnets, clovers, and mushrooms.

Combine all of these abilities and it’s brute strength and you’ll notice that, without a doubt, this dragon is one of the best choices in EverWing

5. Umbra > Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur

If your goal is to gain a lot of gems and become wealthy, this is the dragon for you.

This shadow dragon not only has a reasonably high attack rating of 170 also has the skill to seek enemies with its homing bullets while doubling the gems gained from destroying them.

“Umbra > Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur” is built for the normal run mode. Why? Because this sparkling beast not only provides decent firepower and cover from enemies but it also unleashes a rush of gems that is much needed for success in Everwing.

That’s right, this dragon has the unique potential to make you rich. In Everwing, gems are wealth-generating currencies that shouldn’t be avoided.

Everwing Dragon Cheats

Dragons can be hard to manage and utilize if you don't know what you're doing. These cheats can help make your adventure easier.

1. Utilize your common dragons

Rare and legendary dragons have special powers which are useful but common dragons typically have the most brute strength. Put their strength to use against bosses during raids since they can deal the hardest blows. Especially when levelled up.

2. Get the most for your coins

When you want to go on an evolution spree, take your coins and purchase a lot of common eggs. You’ll surely get duplicates. Here's how this would benefit you; you need two identical dragons at level 10 for your first evolution. And two dragons at level 20 for the next.

3. Follow the Level 29 Rule

Sell any dragon you raise to level 29 instead of level 30. Selling at level 29 will bring in more than 280,000 coins per sold dragon. If you sell at level 30 you’ll get 3,000 trophies.

Gold eggs have a 12% chance of landing a legendary so you’ll have a higher chance of hitting the jackpot. Plus, you’ll earn a ton of rare dragons along the way.

4. Test each dragon before battling bosses

Rare and Legendary dragons have many special powers, don’t wait until you get to the bosses to figure out what their powers will do.

Use the endless rounds to use their powers so you’ll have a great idea. By doing this, you’ll get to decide what powers you want to use against the bosses.

How To Pick The Best Everwing Dragon

It’s clear that there are a lot of Everwing Dragons. Choosing the best might be confusing if you don’t know what to do.

Here’s how to pick the best Everwing Dragon:

1. Consider what mode you are going to play

Is it normal run mode or is it the boss raid mode?

2. Consider your goal

What do you want to get done?

Whether you’re keen to get involved in gem and coin farming, item collection, or beating monsters and bosses, there's a dragon suitable for anything and everything.

Just decide what you want to do beforehand and that will make selecting your dragons ridiculously easier.

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In Conclusion

EverWing Dragons can be useful if you know how to get and use them to your advantage.

Our guide has many useful EverWing tips that will help you in your quest to defeating bosses and having the ultimate gaming experience.