There are a huge number of fun and interesting Nintendo Switch multiplayer games on the market -- and more being released every dayWith its extremely portable design and controllers that are perfectly adaptable for multiplayer use, you'll never be at a loss for Nintendo Switch games to play with friends.

If you're looking for the best multiplayer games for Nintendo's latest system, though, check out the following lists. They're carefully curated to include only those games that are the most fun and the best for multiplayer adventure.


19 Best nintendo switch multiplayer games

There's no shortage of awesome Nintendo Switch games, but some of them really shine on the multiplayer front. What follows is a list of the finest and most entertaining games, all hand-selected for your enjoyment.

1. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: the Black Order

Take control of your favorite Marvel superheroes in either local or online multiplayer with up to four people, as you endeavor to recover the Infinity Stones and save the universe from Thanos and his minions. This game has exceptional replay value, and has enough difficulty modes to challenge even the most veteran of players.

2. Darksiders Genesis

A fast-paced action/adventure game that takes you through the bounds of Hell and back, Darksiders Genesis has a co-op story mode for two players that gives the origin story of this cult classic series.

3. Super Bomberman R

Bomberman is back, in fully 3D action! Combining elements of real-time puzzle solving, you can play with or against a friend in local or online multiplayer. Great for strategy game fans who want a little bit lighter play.

4. Rocket League: Collector's Edition

If you've never played Rocket League, it can be a disorienting thrill at first: Combining mechanics of racing and soccer games, you'll control rocket-powered cars to compete with or against a friend to score goals with an over sized ball.

5. Cuphead

A classic cartoon run and gun with epic boss battles, Cuphead doubles in fun as soon as you add a second player. The original jazz recordings and cel-shaded animation make it really stand out from the crowd.


Part shooter and part fighting game, ARMS lets you control stretchy-limbed boxers in an immersive 3D environment for hours of fun with competitive play.

7. Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit

With five different physical projects to make and digitally connect with your Switch, Nintendo's Labo Variety Kit is an awesome way to step outside of your usual gaming routines.

8. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

One of the best sports games currently available for the Switch, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 takes basketball to the street with fun and quirky graphics as well as comprehensive multiplayer options.

9. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

It should come as no surprise that the latest edition of Nintendo's flagship franchise is wildly fun -- but the new Mario Bros. game is also one of the first to feature full-scale co-op play.

10. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Easy to play but difficult to master, the solo or co-op turn-based play in this Mario and Rayman mashup earned it the honors of over 50 E3 awards and nominations.

11. Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

Challenge death itself as you collect and develop over 800 skills and abilities in the latest installment of the long-running Diablo series, where you can team up with up to 3 other players in a local co-op story mode.

12. Super Smash Bros - Ultimate

The first "big name" release for the Nintendo Switch that put it on the map, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has won the hearts and minds of fighting game fans around the world. It has an impressively large multiplayer option, with up to 16 fighters in online play.

13. Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out Together

A cute and friendly puzzle-solving game that's meant to be played with a friend, Snipperclips is a great game to kick back and relax with.

14. Puyo Puyo Tetris

It's Tetris made competitive, with tons of game play modes -- what more could any dedicated puzzle gamer want?

15. Super Mario Party

Get together with your friends in local or online multiplayer for this wide-ranging collection of mini games featuring all of your favorite Mario Bros characters and stages.

16. Overcooked! 2

Team up with a friend or three to keep your kitchen cooking in this fast-paced restaurant simulation game.

17. Splatoon 2

Take control of Inklings to battle with friends and opponents across dozens of expansive stages in this kid-friendly competitive shooter.

18. Luigi's Mansion 3

Play co-op story mode with a friend for the first time in a Luigi's Mansion game, with one of you controlling Luigi and the other as his spectral opposite, Gooigi. You'll explore higher and higher floors in a haunted mansion, uncovering and busting dozens of ghosts and fiendish bosses along the way.

19. Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition

Hugely popular with the pre-teen and adult crowds alike, Minecraft has set the bar for kid-friendly world building games. In this latest edition exclusive to the Switch, you'll explore new game mechanics and greater difficulty levels than the base game.

10 nintendo switch multiplayer games for kids

Nintendo has always gone out of its way to make kid-friendly games across all of their systems, but never more so than with the Switch. In fact, some of the best Nintendo Switch games for kids are the exact same ones that teens and adults have loved, too!

20. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Control Princess Peach's famous sidekick, Toad, in this long-form treasure tracking adventure game. While there isn't a dedicated co-op mode, a second player can provide assistance to the main player throughout the entire game.

21. Super Mario Odyssey

The first sandbox-style Mario games since the N64, Super Mario Odyssey allows two players to explore a massive 3D world filled with surprise, adventure, and intrigue. Kids will love the bright graphics, intuitive game play, and free roaming options.

22. Tetris 99 + NSO

Share one set of Joy Cons for two people to battle head to head, or organize up to 8 players locally with this reboot of the classic top-down, real time puzzle game Tetris.

23. Brawlhalla All Legends Pack

Command the entire cast of Brawlhalla, a super inventive cartoon fighting game that's modeled after Super Smash Bros., but easier to pick up and play. Kids can play with up to eight of their friends in local mutliplayer.

24. Moving Out

Cooperative puzzle solving is the name of the game in this fast-paced physics-based transportation game. Kids will appreciate the zany game play and wide selection of difficulties in different levels.

25. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends

This much expanded reboot of an original NES classic brings together multiple players as bubble-shooting dinosaurs charged with cooperating to beat enemies on hundreds of increasingly challenging levels. It's easy to learn, but incredibly difficult to master!

26. Just Dance 2020

No additional controllers are required for friends to join in on the fun of Just Dance 2020 -- all you'll need to do is download an app to your smart phone, and start playing!

27. Kirby: Star Allies

Join the pink puffball and his multi-colored allies across a kingdom's worth of fun and challenging levels. Multiplayer mode makes the best use possible of its features, increasing both the difficulty and the rewards exponentially.

28. Mario Tennis Aces

Tennis isn't a common sports game on any console, but this Mario version officially licensed by Nintendo really knocks it out of the park. It's fast-paced sports game play at its finest, and is great for multiple players to join in on the fun.

29. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The whole Mushroom Kingdom gang shows up as playable characters in the latest installment of Nintendo's wildly popular Mario Kart series, complete with ultra-colorful new tracks.

How to Pick the Best nintendo switch multiplayer games

With all of those amazing options for multiplayer games, how are you supposed to choose just one? Easy: Just follow these three simple steps.

1. Choose Local or Online Multiplayer

Are you looking to play the game with other people who have a Switch that live near you, or are your gaming friends halfway across the world? Be sure to get a game that lets you play with the people you want, how you want.

2. Pick a Genre

What sort of games do you and your friends enjoy? Some of the most popular multiplayer genres are shooters, adventure, puzzle, and sports -- but each one has a certain feel to it that you'll either love or hate.

3. Download a Sample

Tons of Switch games offer the option of downloading samples through their Nintendo eShop. Why not take advantage of that, and try the game before you buy it?

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In Conclusion

Any of these Nintendo Switch multiplayer games is sure to bring a smile to your face for hours on end as you play it with your friends both near and far. And that might be the best part about Nintendo Switch games altogether: Because they're so portable, it's a nearly perfect multiplayer console. Here's hoping that you find the perfect co-op or competitive game from this list!