There's an obvious reason why we need to celebrate our birthdays, and a fun way to keep this annual occasion memorable is to come up with birthday party games. However, choosing the ideal party games to include can be a difficult decision sometimes.

Don't worry, we can help you choose the right ones to make your special day exciting.

There's a lot of games to choose from and we have curated a list of birthday party games that is perfect for your guests of all ages.


best birthday party games

You can never go wrong with these absolute favorite birthday party games.

1. Obstacle Course

Prepare obstacles that an individual or team must finish. It can include crawling under the chairs, water bottle flipping, or literally anything you can think of, the only limit is your creativity. Whoever completes the obstacle course for the shortest amount of time wins.

2. Doughnut on a String Challenge

Hang a donut on a string. Make sure to use donuts that have a hole in the middle — cream-filled donuts will obviously not work for this. Each player needs to eat an entire doughnut without using their hands and whoever finishes their doughnut first wins.

3. Balloon stomp

Start off by tying balloons to your guest's ankles. This game will require them to run around and pop each other's balloons. If both of their balloons get popped, they're eliminated. Last man standing wins!

birthday party games for kids

Keeping kids entertained will be easy with these birthday party games for kids. Choose one and let the fun begin.

4. Three-Legged Race

Pair the kids up and make them face the same direction with their legs touching, then tie a cloth around their touching ankles. The first pair to reach the finish line wins!

5. Hot Potato

Prepare a round object, this can be a potato, a stress ball, or any round object. Then arrange the kids in a circular formation and play lively music. The rule is to toss around the round object and whenever the music stops, the kid who is holding the object is out. This game will continue until there's only one kid left, and that kid is the winner.

6. Prize Walk

Start by preparing numbers to walk into, you can do this by securing a piece of paper with a number to the ground using a piece of tape. After that, have each child stand on a number. When the music plays, the children should start walking around and when the music stops, they have to stand on a number. If their number gets chosen from the basket, they win a prize. You can continue this game until everyone wins a prize.

birthday party for adults

Children are not the only ones who enjoy games, and that's why we also have these awesome party games for adults. These games will work for the kids at heart. In fact, they're the perfect way to engage adults in a party.

7. Act It Out

Divide your guests into two teams with equal players — there should be a person who keeps track of their time and score. This game is also known as charades, where you have to act out a word or phrase without talking. Each team is given the same number of charade cards and the team who gets the most correct answer wins! If there is a tie, the team with the shortest amount of time wins.

8. Whisper Down the Lane

If you prefer a quiet and enjoyable game, then this is worth a try. Divide the participants into teams of 5 people, the first team to play needs to form a straight line. The first person in line will be given a message to whisper down the lane. The last member of the team should get the exact message for the team to win. This game is played one team at a time, so the other teams are allowed to make loud noises to distract them.

9. Cherry Pie

If you're looking for a messy one, then this is for you. Give each participant a plate with five cherries on it and the first player to eat all cherries win. But wait, there's a catch! The players can't use their hands and the cherries must be covered with whipped cream.

outdoor birthday party games

Games played outside are more exciting, right? That's why we also have these outdoor party games you can choose from. Admit it or not, the idea of playing outside has a different appeal.

10. Find the Gummy Bears

We all know how small a gummy bear is, and hiding it outdoors can be a fun scavenger hunt. The player who finds the most gummy bears win!

11. DIY Escape Room

Start off by creating your own storyline. After that, use your creativity to come up with puzzles, hints, or anything related to your plot and finish it off with the necessary decorations. Divide your visitors into teams and let them solve the mystery you created.

12. Nerf War

Divide your participants into two teams and give each player a nerf gun. There must be a scorekeeper and make sure to remind your guests that no intentional face shots are allowed. There would be two whistle blows, the first one signifies the start of the game, while the second one marks the end. The team with the most points win.

Downloadable List of Birthday Party Games

Here is a downloadable list of birthday party games (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Pick The Best Birthday party games

How do you know which one is the best game to choose for your birthday?

1. Consider The Age Of Your Guests

Consider this as a rule of thumb — kids like games that involve a lot of physical activities while adults prefer creative and humorous ones.

2. Check The Weather

Some of these games are played outside, that's why it's very important to have a weather check to see if you can successfully play the outdoor games.

3. Try As Many Games As Possible

Playing only one game can disappoint your guests, no matter how fun it is. It's always better to play a lot of games during parties.

More Awesome Games

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In Conclusion

Did you enjoy our list of birthday party games? Playing games can always make a party exciting, so make sure to try out these party games for your birthdays!